Carol Alvarado's Priorities

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Standing for our schools

We must restore the cuts made to public education, resolve the way our schools are funded, and ensure every Texas child gets a high quality education.

Creating economic opportunity
We need new lines of business in Texas that will bring more of today's good jobs to District 145, and to invest in workforce training and retraining for the jobs of tomorrow.

Promoting a healthy Texas
A healthy Texas is a prosperous Texas. We need to expand access to affordable, quality health care and focus on preventive care, which will save billions over the long term.

Making college affordable
Tuition at Texas colleges and universities has skyrocketed in recent years, putting a degree out of reach for too many families. We must get tuition costs under control, so that getting a college education is achievable for Texas families.

Protecting our seniors
Many of our seniors who live on fixed incomes have been hit hard by the high utility and insurance rates paid by Harris County residents. We must work to lower these rates and restore the cuts made to the Medicaid program, which provides nursing home care to many of our senior citizens.